Charitable Donations

Make a Difference

Contribute to something bigger. Through PayQuicker’s payment platform, you can create a Charitable Donations account for an organization of your choosing. Empower your account holders by giving them the ability to give back.

What are you passionate about? We’ll help you support your cause.

Leave a lasting impression.


Create a Seamless Experience

Spendback keeps account holders up to date with recent product releases while providing quick and easy access to payments.

PayQuicker’s multiple payment options give consistency to product orders and convenience to your customer base. Quick purchasing access lets you focus on product development rather than payment type.

Generate Excitement About Your Products

For companies collecting revenues from retail websites, fees for replicated websites, or monthly standing orders (e.g. autoship programs), PayQuicker offers a closed-loop automated payment module that allows you to collect funds from payees using our Instant Payments™.

The closed-loop module facilitates real-time cash transfers directly to the retailer and eliminates merchant processing fees, settlement periods and credit card risks associated with fraud and chargebacks.

Ready to simplify?


Appreciation Comes in Many Forms

With PayQuicker, you have the ability to choose. Decide how you want to deliver the rewards, and we’ll make it happen on the back end.

Your customers are your greatest promotional tool. Take advantage of our rewards service and show them how much they’re valued.

Get your account holders saying “I can’t tell you how good it feels to be recognized…”

Customer Support

Here to Serve

We offer comprehensive customer support, highly trained staff who understand your marketspace, and multilingual North America based specialists.

The team is ready to assist by phone, Live Chat, or email to ensure all Customer inquiries or issues are acknowledged and resolved.

PayQuicker’s Care Team

Our Care Team is an extension of you, so educating them about your company is mandatory during onboarding.

Robust administration and ticketing systems track every issue, assign it to the appropriate party, and make sure it gets resolved in a timely fashion. Our Care Team is ready to assist by phone, Live Chat, or email.

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Tax Services

Ease your mind

Through PayQuicker’s easy to use platform we can take your mind off of all the data gathering and paperwork. Our tax service saves you money and time by automatically collecting the necessary data for you.

Don’t let tax time burden you, rest easy knowing that everything has been taken care of.

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Online Tax Services

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