A Quick Overview


Since 2007, PayQuicker has diligently worked in conjunction with our trusted partners to revolutionize secure Instant Payments™ and compliant global payment solutions. Our advantages allow you to make payments to distributors, consultants, affiliates, vendors, contractors, and others across the globe.

PayQuicker offers a fully customizable experience to simplify and enhance global payment processing with complete Branding Solutions. Secure Virtual Accounts combined with Branded Prepaid Cards provide the ideal payment method.


We strive for continuous improvement motivated by customer feedback. Our most important mission is to provide a complete payments platform solution that is simple, reliable, cost-effective, and transparent.


It’s not only about the products and services we provide, but how they are delivered and perceived. Our technology should be invisible. It should just work. Our approach is elegant and seamless.

We’ll be there for you, every step of the pay.