Powering Intelligent Global Payouts

The PayQuicker global payout platform enables companies to grow faster by providing their participants with instant payment and purchasing power – immediately funding more business building and spending activity.

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PayQuicker Platform

Instant Pay. Instant Spend. Nothing’s Faster.

Flexible pay architecture and UX:

  • API payout gateway
  • Instant spend virtual cards
  • Flexible wallets

Customer branded experience including:

  • Portal, URL, and sign in
  • Prepaid debit cards
  • Flexible wallets
  • Communications and notifications
  • Client dashboard
  • Custom payee support

Seamless enablement:

  • Leverage existing systems with easy API integration
  • Full program management
  • Single-point integration for global issuance
  • Turnkey platform for B2B and B2C applications

Funds are immediately available to spend:

  • Branded debit Cards
  • Instant virtual Cards
  • ATM cash
  • Bank transfers
  • Mobile wallets
  • Spendback
  • Card to card

Admin dashboard provides system-wide data and custom reporting:

  • Data reporting on all platform activities, measures, and metrics
  • API integration for reports
  • Guaranteed SLAs and uptime performance

Top-notch flexible configuration:

  • Countries and currencies
  • Spendback
  • Payee to payee
  • Loyalty and rewards
  • Charitable donations

Payouts OS

Introducing First in-market Payout Orchestration Platform

The quickest and most cost-effective way to send payouts to businesses and consumers globally.

Enables companies to integrate into a single API to determine in real-time the quickest and most cost-effective way to send payouts to individuals across different markets, saving time and efficiency for HR, treasury, and technology teams.

Payout parameters are established by the client, such as desired funding currencies, preferences for optimal cost or speed, and beneficiary payout methods. Payouts OS then uses routing intelligence algorithms to compare prices, routes, currencies, and payment methods to deliver an optimized global payout route.

  • Turnkey integration with single REST API that plugs into multiple banks & global payment rails
  • Pay to 200+ countries, 40+ currencies
  • Secure, PCI-compliant payouts

Why PayQuicker?

Our easy-to-use, easy-to-love customizable features become our client’s competitive advantage.

Reduce cost with seamless cross-border payouts made in local currency.

PayQuicker empowers businesses to payout as frequently as desired at no charge per transaction.

Each payee is issued an individual insured bank account and branded debit card, allowing payments in local currency, bank transfers, and multiple spend options.

Efficiently verify identity and onboard payees with end-to-end secure business accounts, shifting the burden for KYC, security, and compliance to our team of experts.

Reduce staffing requirements for handling payment questions and inquires with our dedicated support via phone, live chat, and email.

Reduce data breaches, money laundering, fraud, and other business risks with our comprehensive 24/7 oversight.

Who Uses PayQuicker?

PayQuicker has universal solutions that benefit a wide variety of industries requiring mass payouts to their participants.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Learn how our clients benefit from PayQuicker with fast and easy global payouts.

Derek Maxfield, CEO & President

“When we founded Younique in September 2012, our mission was not only to uplift, empower, and validate women across the globe but also change the way commissions were being paid out. Our partnership with PayQuicker has allowed us to pay commission to our Presenters within three hours of making a sale, completely changing the traditional commission payment paradigm. As we continue to expand aggressively, PayQuicker has been there every step of the way. We cannot think of a better payment solutions partner than PayQuicker.”

Otto Diaz, Treasurer

“From the first contact with the PayQuicker team, our project progressed within the stipulated deadlines with step by step guidance on how our payout needs would be met. Throughout the process, they offer innovative solutions and ideas that make it possible to move forward without delays and with the best results. PayQuicker has an incredible team.”

Ashley Ferguson, General Manager

“Working with PayQuicker was a natural choice, as their experience in bringing streamlined and secure payments to valued brand representatives is unmatched.”

Traci Lynn Jewelry
Dr. Traci Lynn Burton, CEO & Founder

“How do you spell relief? P–A–Y–Q–U–I–C–K–E–R !”

Ultimate Gig Book
Ultimate Gig: Flexibility, Freedom, Rewards
John T. Fleming, Author

“Paying quicker is a very important component of what has made the gig economy so appealing. We wanted specific descriptions of how payment systems work. Beldham and Dworaczyk [of PayQuicker] were the experts we were looking for, and they provided us with specifics.”