Mitek KYC Overview

PayQuicker’s approved and trusted digital identity verification partner.

What Is Mitek

Global Leader in Digital ID Verification

Mitek, a global leader in digital identity (ID) verification and fraud prevention, formally HooYu, is PayQuicker’s approved and trusted digital identification partner, which assists us in rapidly and securely verifying your identity so that you can use PayQuicker to get paid.


Verify Your Identity With Mitek

Step 1: ID Verification Required

At login, you will receive a message alerting you of our Identity Verification Requirements. Government regulations require identity verification when your account earnings reach a certain threshold, which you may have surpassed at your first login. 

  • To avoid having limited access to your account, click “Continue” or choose to do this step later.
  •  If you choose to do this step later, you will be redirected to the Account Overview page where a banner message will appear prompting you to start the Identity Verification process.

Step 2: Continuing the ID Verification Process

You will be redirected to Mitek’s website and greeted by the home screen where you can:

  • Learn more about Mitek (formally HooYu)
  • Read tip’s that can help you save time by using your ID as a proof of address
  • See a list of documents that you will need to confirm your identity

Step 3: Accepting Mitek's Terms & Conditions

MiTek collects sensitive personal data, so it is required to agree to MiTek’s Terms and Conditions before moving forward.

  • Click “Agree and Continue” to begin the verification process
  • You can also click to learn more about their Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

Step 4: Uploading Your Documents

Once you reach this step you can get help, save for later, and learn about the different documents that are accepted by Mitek. Please provide all of your documents to complete your Identity Verification.

  • A valid Photo ID such as:
    • Passport
    • Driving License
    • Identity Card
      • Tip: You can save time by using this option as a Proof of Address
    • Residence Permit
    • PASS Card
  • A valid proof of Address such as:
    • Utility Bill
    • Bank Statement
    • Tax Document
    • Insurance

Step 5: Complete Your Liveness Check

MiTek has to make sure that you’re a real person, so a liveness check is required. The liveness check can be done via desktop camera or mobile-phone camera by clicking the “Use your mobile phone” link and choosing either:

  • Entering your phone number
  • Scanning the QR code with your phone

Step 6: Complete the Verification Process

Once your documents have been confirmed, you will be taken to a screen that will notify you that the process is complete. Clicking the “Continue” button will take you back to your Account Overview page and with the process completed, you will no longer experience restrictions on receiving payments.