Custom Payouts

Direct Access

Provide a better payout experience by giving account holders the freedom to choose their payment type. Our fully customizable payout options include:

  • Globally compliant prepaid cards
  • Local currency deposits
  • No-cost Instant Payments
  • International wires
  • Paper checks
  • Cash pickup locations

Smooth Integration

PayQuicker will accommodate you with all the tools necessary for mass, high volume payments. Pay by batch template in a variety of formats, or use API – our integration is seamless regardless of your internal preferences.

We’ll provide you with on-going support and resources for each step, so that you can give your account holders an experience they’ll love.

Complete Branding Solutions

Promote Your Brand

White label payment processing reinforces your account holder’s sense of belonging, strengthens loyalty, and provides everyday marketing opportunities.

Make every login, swipe, or download an opportunity for recruitment.

Customizable From Top to Bottom

The PayQuicker payments platform provides a feature rich, fully customizable experience for you and your account holders.

Global Payment Processing

Most Major Currencies

Expand market reach and grow with your account holders. Facilitate globally compliant bulk payments more efficiently with our single-point, multi-currency payment gateway.

Truly Localized Global Payments

Communicate with your account holders in their native language.

PayQuicker’s payments platform uses professional translation tools to navigate flawlessly across website portals, apps, back-office tools, email, and text messaging.

Expand Your Company’s Reach

Global business advancement requires reach, scalability, and expertise from all partners. With PayQuicker you can expand your global reach while preserving the integrity of your products and services.

  • Payments to 170+ Countries
  • Multi-Currency Payment Gateway
  • Globally Compliant Branded Prepaid Cards
  • Local Currency Deposits
  • 500,000+ Cash Pick-Up Locations
  • 34 Languages – And Growing

Ready to Take on the World?

Robust Reporting Tools

Monitor Your Vitals

Quickly and easily keep tabs on payment processing so you can answer difficult questions in real time.

Increase Profitability

Customizable reporting tools show what you’ve accomplished and what you’ll conquer next.

Precise data helps build account holders incentive programs, leverage product spendback, target specific demographics, and more.

Stay in the Loop

You need data analytics and reporting that reflects your company’s infrastructure. What payments have been sent? When were they sent? From which funding accounts?

Make more informed decisions with PayQuicker’s custom reporting tools.

Your possibilities are endless.

Risk Monitoring

Secure Instant Payments

Reduce data breaches and business risks – we’ll handle the liability well beyond regulation requirements. PayQuicker is subject to federal review, examination, and approval. Protocols ensure 24/7 oversight in coordination with our partners.

Reliable Compliancy Standards

A comprehensive Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering (BSA/AML) program prevents, detects, and reports potential money laundering activity.

A Customer Identification Program (CIP) collects and verifies new worker information as part of the Know Your Customer (KYC) enrollment process. Our CIP is screened through the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

Personal Protection

All personal identity information is secured with our processing partners, and is only retrieved by PayQuicker when requested.

Real-time account monitoring quickly identifies potentially fraudulent transactions and notifies the account holder immediately.

Your account holders rely on you for security. We can help with that.