The Future of Work

Insights into the 2023 Gig Economy Workforce

PayQuicker, in partnership with the Ultimate Gig Research Project, a program dedicated to assessing gig economy trends, shares findings of its research on the evolution and growth of the gig economy workforce. This research encompasses a sample of more than 2,000 gig workers in the United States, and presents several managerial and public policy insights.

This study highlights the growing interest in working multiple gigs, the motivations behind gig work, and how this on-demand economy is shaping on-demand payment preferences. Notable findings include:

  • Gig work is being redefined and the diversity in types of gig work is growing, creating a shift in opportunities across sectors.
  • It is a myth that people work gigs to fully replace the income of a primary job.
  • Gig workers seek intentionality with finances, with 83% of respondents citing the importance of being paid quickly and nearly a quarter of gig workers reporting a payment-related reason as the most important characteristic when looking for gig work.
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