Affiliate & Influencer Networks

Pay Your Affiliate Marketers Instantly

With PayQuicker, payouts can be made in real-time with earnings immediately available to access and spend through secured bank accounts with branded plastic cards, instant virtual cards, mobile wallets, crypto, and more.

The Problem

With the rapidly growing online marketplace, attracting and retaining top affiliates and influencers who represent your company’s brand while driving awareness and sales is more important than ever. Keeping sellers engaged in today’s competitive market is a priority, while increasing internal efficiencies and reducing costs are key to business growth as you scale. Earnings must be paid out instantly and securely with flexible digital options, all while keeping in compliance with complex international laws.

Our Solution

Instantly pay your affiliates and influencers with the fastest, most secure global payout solution that provides the largest selection of flexible and modern spend options for both banked and unbanked recipients. With a seamless integration and easy onboarding process, you can eliminate manual processes, reduce costs, and enable your affiliates to grow their business – and yours – faster.


Payouts, Simplified

We take the hard work out of making payments.

Global Payout Network

Pay in real-time to 210+ countries & territories in 40+ currencies through our global network of established providers, networks, processors, and banks.

Secure & Compliant

Reduce risk and liability with our PCI-compliant security. Affiliates easily onboard themselves to our MFA-protected system, eliminating your burden of identity verification and secure data collection.

Flexible Configuration

Power your business with our award-winning FinTech solutions that can be customized to meet your unique payment needs, with hands-on support from our team of experts at every step.

Tax as-a-Service

Save time, money, and hassle with our tax service that takes care of everything you need to meet IRS & CRA filing requirements, including 1099, 1042-S, and T4A issuance.

Multilingual Customer Support

Our full in-house customer support team is available by phone, live chat, and email in 18+ languages to ensure all client and affiliate inquiries are promptly resolved.


PayQuicker is the Leader in Global Payouts

No other solution offers the integrated, comprehensive capabilities to pay anyone, anywhere – instantly and securely. Our customizable features become our client’s competitive advantage.