Corporate Payables

Corporate Payables
Instant Payout Solution

Companies instantly can pay suppliers and vendors anywhere in the world, in local currency, via secured bank accounts with prepaid debit cards, virtual cards, or mobile wallets.

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Streamline Accounts Payable Process

Strengthen your B2B payout strategy, streamline your payment processes, and reduce costs. PayQuicker reduces manual processing and empowers corporations to focus on building their business.

Eliminate the need for printing and mailing checks and instantly send secure payments to your suppliers anywhere in the world.

Suppliers can access and spend their funds anywhere in the world via a branded debit card, virtual card, or load card to their mobile wallet through tokenization. Keep your suppliers and vendors happy with instant payments and flexible spend options.

Make your payout process your competitive advantage.

Expense Management Solution

Integrate into PayQuicker and let us automatically pay out your corporate expenses. Our global payout platform offers the fastest, most secure, fully compliant, and seamless solution all through a single point of integration to your expense management software. Enable your finance team to focus on cash flow management while we take care of the back-end payout process.

Fully customizable reporting tools provide detailed data on all platform activities, measures, and metrics. Receive transaction and reconciliation reports through our API gateway.

  • Send payments as frequently as desired at no cost per transaction
  • Remit payables anywhere in the world in local currency
  • Implement easy API integration with current expense management systems
  • Provide suppliers with individual, secured accounts using just names and email addresses
  • Eliminate need to manage sensitive supplier bank information
  • Automatically alert your suppliers of payment status

Why PayQuicker?

Clients of all sizes benefit from our easy-to-use, value-added features.

Increase Payout Frequency

PayQuicker empowers you to pay your suppliers or employees in real-time or as often as desired at no charge per transaction. Funds are immediately available to access and spend!

Global Payout Network

Paying cross-border in local currency is perfect for corporations that require mass payments to a global network of suppliers. The PayQuicker platform pays in 214+ countries with our single-point, multicurrency payment gateway.

True Banking Platform

PayQuicker issues each supplier an individual insured bank account and branded debit card, allowing multicurrency, bank transfers, virtual cards, and mobile wallet access.

Complete Branding Solutions

Enterprise corporations can continue to build their brand through a white-label debit card, account portal, and mobile app. PayQuicker offers a fully customizable, client-branded experience that becomes our client’s competitive advantage.

Complete Security & Compliance

Our globally compliant secure system, including KYC and GDPR compliance, protects you and your account holders and eliminates the risk of fraud. We handle the liability well beyond regulation requirements so that you don’t have to.

Full Risk Monitoring

Reduce your risk with 24/7 real-time account monitoring that quickly identifies potentially fraudulent transactions and notifies account holders immediately.

Multilingual Payout Support

We offer comprehensive multilingual support in 18 languages for account holders around the globe. Our highly trained support team is ready to assist by phone, live chat, or email to ensure all inquiries are acknowledged and resolved.

Tax Services

PayQuicker can manage your automated W9, W8BEN, T4, and 1099 processing with regulatory data for corporate forms and email delivery of 1099 to your suppliers, saving you time and money.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Learn how our clients benefit from PayQuicker with fast and easy global payouts.

RxHacker Pro

“PayQuicker has provided a wonderful solution to my growing payroll! Not only have the expenses due to processing been decreased considerably when compared to more conventional payroll systems, their implementation and integration procedures are second to none. Crystal, Steve and Nicole have turned, what can be a stressful process, into a seamless and easily managed experience. Kudos to their wonderful team!”

Origami Owl
Origami Owl
Kathryn Dunn, Controller

“The support and attention we receive from PayQuicker is unparalleled. Their attentiveness to our needs along with their willingness to help make our Designers happy is very refreshing. Being able to have a partner that I can confidently put my trust in to work directly with our Designers and internal staff members makes me feel like they are an extension of our internal team. We have definitely chosen the right partner with PayQuicker.”

Traci Lynn
Traci Lynn Jewelry
Dr. Traci Lynn Burton, CEO & Founder

“How do you spell relief? P–A–Y–Q–U–I–C–K–E–R !”

Ultimate Gig Book
Ultimate Gig: Flexibility, Freedom, Rewards
John T. Fleming, Author

“Paying quicker is a very important component of what has made the gig economy so appealing. We wanted specific descriptions of how payment systems work. Beldham and Dworaczyk [of PayQuicker] were the experts we were looking for, and they provided us with specifics.”

Jake Mangum, Vice President, International

“In my role, I have the opportunity to work with many suppliers, vendors, and other third-party providers. I can honestly say that Crystal Holtzendorff and Nicole Kessler from PayQuicker have been among the very best. They are kind, attentive, responsive, and willing to step in and get their hands dirty when needed. Their turn around time has been on point and their communication has been flawless.”

PayQuicker Platform

Instant Pay. Instant Spend. Nothing’s Faster!