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Gaming platforms can instantly reward gamers anywhere in the world, in local currency, via secured bank accounts with prepaid debit cards, virtual cards, or mobile wallets.

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Pay Gamers Instantly

PayQuicker customizable solution promotes global expansion for gaming platforms around the world by providing their gamers with instant payouts and purchasing power — immediately funding more gameplay.

The PayQuicker platform supports payouts as frequently as desired — even hourly! Paying your gamers faster incentivizes them to keep playing and encourages new users to join your gaming platform.

Make your payout solution your competitive advantage.

Power Your Gaming Experience

Gaming is all about the player experience. Provide your players with instant gratification and a frictionless payment experience to keep them playing and your business thriving.

Gaming platforms of any size can leverage their platform with the PayQuicker API Gateway or use the PayQuicker client branded portal and immediately start making cross-border payments in local currency. Gaming payments can be accessed through a client-branded online portal and mobile app, where players can transfer funds to a personal bank account or spend with multiple options.

Gamers can spend their funds anywhere in the world with flexible options via a branded prepaid card, virtual card, or their mobile wallet through tokenization.

Keep your gamers happy with instant payments and flexible spend options.

Simplify Your Payout Process

PayQuicker gaming payout platform offers the fastest, most secure, fully compliant, and seamless solution all through a single point of integration. Your gaming platform can integrate with our portal or leverage your own wallet to provide rewards and payouts to gamers.

We provide ongoing support and resources at each step for flexible and seamless integration.

  • Implement easy API integration with current systems and wallets
  • Reduce payout costs with our upfront and transparent fees
  • Eliminate administrative hassle of collecting player data and verifying KYC/GDPR compliance
  • Provide players with individual, secured accounts using just names and email addresses
  • Eliminate need to manage sensitive player bank account information

Why PayQuicker?

Gaming Platforms benefit from our easy-to-use, value-added features.

Increase Payout Frequency

PayQuicker empowers gaming platforms to payout prize winnings as often as every hour at no charge per transaction. Funds are immediately available to access and spend!

Global Payout Network

Gaming platforms can reach players anywhere in the world with cross-border payouts made in local currency. The PayQuicker platform pays in 214+ countries with our single-point, multicurrency payment gateway.

True Banking Platform

PayQuicker issues each player an individual insured bank account and branded debit card, allowing multicurrency, bank transfers, virtual cards, and mobile wallet access.

Complete Branding Solution

Gaming platforms can continue to build their brand through a white-label debit card, account portal, and mobile app. PayQuicker offers a fully customizable, client-branded experience which becomes our client’s competitive advantage.

Complete Security & Compliance

Our globally compliant secure system and 24/7 account monitoring, including KYC and GDPR compliance, protects players and eliminates the risk of fraud. We handle the liability well beyond regulation requirements so that you don’t have to.

Multilingual Player Support

We offer comprehensive multilingual support in 18 languages for players around the globe. Our highly trained support team is ready to assist by phone, live chat, or email to ensure all inquiries are acknowledged and resolved.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Learn how our clients benefit from PayQuicker with fast and easy global payouts.

Ashley Ferguson, General Manager

“Working with PayQuicker was a natural choice, as their experience in bringing streamlined and secure payments to valued brand representatives is unmatched.”

GXVE Beauty
GXVE Beauty
Adam Rekrut, CFO

“We hold ourselves to a high standard of service to both our customers and our brand ambassadors, which is why working with an esteemed payments partner like PayQuicker was a natural choice.”

Nice & Bella
Maritza Garcia, Accounting

“Nice and Bella provides jewelry to hundreds of independent distributors in USA. It’s important for us to be sure that our distributors receive their commissions on time. PayQuicker has been our trusted partner for the last 3 years. They are always there to assist us in an efficient and professional manner. Thank you PayQuicker. We are grateful for your service and assistance.”

RxHacker Pro

“PayQuicker has provided a wonderful solution to my growing payroll! Not only have the expenses due to processing been decreased considerably when compared to more conventional payroll systems, their implementation and integration procedures are second to none. Crystal, Steve and Nicole have turned, what can be a stressful process, into a seamless and easily managed experience. Kudos to their wonderful team!”

Ultimate Gig Book
Ultimate Gig: Flexibility, Freedom, Rewards
John T. Fleming, Author

“Paying quicker is a very important component of what has made the gig economy so appealing. We wanted specific descriptions of how payment systems work. Beldham and Dworaczyk [of PayQuicker] were the experts we were looking for, and they provided us with specifics.”

PayQuicker Platform

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