Make Your Payout Plan Your
Competitive Advantage.

PayQuicker global payout platform enables companies to grow faster by providing their participants with instant payment and purchasing power – immediately funding more business building and spending activity.

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Global Payout Network

Reduce costs with seamless global payouts made in local currency.

Paying cross-border in local currency is perfect for businesses that require globally compliant mass payments to a worldwide network of payees. The PayQuicker platform can pay in 214+ countries with our single-point, multicurrency payment gateway.

Truly Localized Global Payments

Communicate with your payees in their preferred language.

PayQuicker global payout platform uses professional hand translations to ensure easy-to-understand navigation across website portals, apps, back-office tools, and email notifications.

Expand Market Reach

Global business advancement requires reach, scalability, and expertise from all partners. With PayQuicker, you expand your global reach while preserving the integrity of your products and services.

  • Payouts to 214+ countries
  • Multicurrency payment gateway
  • Globally compliant branded prepaid cards
  • Local currency deposits
  • 18 languages — and growing

Increase Payout Frequency

Today’s payees demand fast and frictionless payouts. Faster payments encourage participation, raise retention, and strengthen loyalty.

PayQuicker empowers businesses to payout as frequently as desired at no charge per transaction.

Make payouts as often as every week, every day, or every hour! Nothing’s faster.

More frequent payouts to your payees means they grow their business — and yours — faster.

True Banking Platform

PayQuicker issues each payee an individual insured bank account and branded debit card, allowing payments in local currency, bank transfers, and multiple spend options.

  • Branded debit cards
  • ATM cash
  • Bank transfers
  • Instant virtual cards
  • Mobile wallets
  • Spendback
  • Payee to payee
  • Merchant accounts

PayQuicker reduces payout systems costs by offering low-cost payout options, handing sensitive banking information, offering full security compliance, KYC, and privacy functions, eliminating escheatment, and reducing the need and cost of issuing paper checks.

Complete Security & Compliance

Our solution’s banking system provides payees with end-to-end secure business accounts.

Linked debit cards will safeguard funds if a card is lost or stolen. PayQuicker also provides an additional layer of security to payment accounts with multi-factor authentication.

Efficiently onboard and identify payees, shifting the burden for KYC, security, and compliance to our team of experts.

Our globally-compliant secure system protects clients and payees, and eliminate the risk of fraud. Eliminate liability through fully automated payee verification and compliance.

  • Know Your Customer (KYC) onboarding of payees
  • PCI Level 1 compliance
  • SOC 1 Type II certified
  • Global Data Privacy Policies (GDPR) compliance for EU member states

PayQuicker handles liability well beyond regulation requirements so that clients don’t have to.

Multilingual Payee Support

Our support team is here to serve.

Reduce staffing requirements for handling payment questions and inquires with our dedicated support across all communication channels.

We offer comprehensive multilingual support in 18 languages for account holders around the globe. Our highly trained support team is ready to assist by phone, live chat, and email to ensure all inquiries are acknowledged and resolved.

Robust administration and ticketing systems track every issue, assign it to the appropriate party, and ensure it gets resolved promptly.

Full Risk Monitoring

Mitigate business risks with PayQuicker.

Reduce your risk of data breaches, money laundering, fraud, and more with our comprehensive around the clock oversight.

PayQuicker is subject to federal review, examination, and approval. Our protocols ensure 24/7 oversight in coordination with our partners. All personal identifiable information is secured with our processing partners and is only retrieved by PayQuicker when requested.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Learn how our clients benefit from PayQuicker with fast and easy global payouts.

Nice & Bella
Maritza Garcia, Accounting

“Nice and Bella provides jewelry to hundreds of independent distributors in USA. It’s important for us to be sure that our distributors receive their commissions on time. PayQuicker has been our trusted partner for the last 3 years. They are always there to assist us in an efficient and professional manner. Thank you PayQuicker. We are grateful for your service and assistance.”

Think Goodness
Think Goodness
Kathryn Dunn, Controller

“The support and attention we receive from PayQuicker is unparalleled. Their attentiveness to our needs along with their willingness to help make our Designers happy is very refreshing. Being able to have a partner that I can confidently put my trust in to work directly with our Designers and internal staff members makes me feel like they are an extension of our internal team. We have definitely chosen the right partner with PayQuicker.”

Ashley Ferguson, General Manager

“Working with PayQuicker was a natural choice, as their experience in bringing streamlined and secure payments to valued brand representatives is unmatched.”

Ultimate Gig Book
Ultimate Gig: Flexibility, Freedom, Rewards
John T. Fleming, Author

“Paying quicker is a very important component of what has made the gig economy so appealing. We wanted specific descriptions of how payment systems work. Beldham and Dworaczyk [of PayQuicker] were the experts we were looking for, and they provided us with specifics.”

GXVE Beauty
GXVE Beauty
Adam Rekrut, CFO

“We hold ourselves to a high standard of service to both our customers and our brand ambassadors, which is why working with an esteemed payments partner like PayQuicker was a natural choice.”