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Departments & Roles

PayQuicker is your turnkey payout program manager. Our customizable platform has features and benefits that satisfy every department’s requirements including Sales, Marketing, Finance, Administration, and Technology.

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Sales & Marketing

Your sales and marketing departments will love PayQuicker branded and white-label solutions.

PayQuicker white-label payout solutions power your business growth by reinforcing and promoting your company’s brand in the market. We offer client-branded debit cards, a branded payment portal, and mobile app, as well as branded payee communications.

Client- branded solutions including:

  • Payee account portal
  • Client admin portal
  • Customizable URLs
  • Mobile app
  • Prepaid debit card
  • Payee communications and notifications
Make every login, swipe, or download an opportunity for recruitment and growth.
PayQuicker Branded Platform

Finance & Administration

Your finance team will be thrilled with PayQuicker and our ability to make cross-border payouts in local currency through a simple and seamless solution. Integrated processes and funds flow reduce your internal effort and increase efficiency — all at a reduced cost to your current payout model.

Your finance team has full treasury control of funds from load to disbursement. With PayQuicker, you eliminate balance sheet liability and escheatment for unclaimed funds, while maintaining cash flow through establishment of payment expiration dates. 

Focus on your core business and revenue growth and let PayQuicker manage your payout process.

  • Lower cost than traditional payout models
  • No more managing sensitive payee bank information
  • Eliminate balance sheet liability and escheatment for unclaimed funds
  • Full system reporting on all KPIs
  • Automated tax services for easy year-end close


It’s simple to get up and running with PayQuicker.

Whether you’re a startup or a global enterprise corporation, we have the resources you need to seamlessly integrate with PayQuicker and start making instant global payouts. 

Developers are provided with all the support and resources needed for easy batch file upload or integration with our APIs and sandbox.

We are staffed with an exceptional development team who work directly with you to provide upfront and ongoing support and resources at each step for flexible, custom integrations based on your requirements.


Our vision is happy payees.

Our PayQuicker mission is to provide our clients with the most advanced global payout solution that results in happy payees who, in turn, drive our clients’ business growth with every login, payout, purchase, or swipe.

Provide your payees with the fastest payouts in the industry with platform features that are easy to use and easy to love.

  • Instant payouts in real-time
  • Insured business accounts
  • Branded debit card with virtual card and mobile wallet options
  • Bank transfers
  • Multilingual payee support
  • Convenience of spendback
  • Instant payments to other payees

Why PayQuicker?

Our easy-to-use, easy-to-love customizable features become our client’s competitive advantage.

Reduce cost with seamless cross-border payouts made in local currency.

PayQuicker empowers businesses to payout as frequently as desired at no charge per transaction.

Each payee is issued an individual insured bank account and branded debit card, allowing payments in local currency, bank transfers, and multiple spend options.

Efficiently verify identity and onboard payees with end-to-end secure business accounts, shifting the burden for KYC, security, and compliance to our team of experts.

Reduce staffing requirements for handling payment questions and inquires with our dedicated support via phone, live chat, and email.

Reduce data breaches, money laundering, fraud, and other business risks with our comprehensive 24/7 oversight.