On-Demand Salesforce Expects On-Demand Pay

With a 3.7% unemployment rate, US employers are aggresively competing for workers — and the Direct Selling Industry is no exception. Every business needs a strong, reliable, and engaged workforce, and the race for attracting talent in a competitive landscape is a challenge. In a world full of instant options, on-demand workers expect on-demand pay, and companies that offer speedy payments — usually on the same day — will provide a better experience, improve salesforce attrition rates, and become a more competitive business.  
Providing instant gratification through payments is an opportunity to stand out and appeal to the right people. The Future of Work: Insights into the 2023 Gig Economy Workforce study found that 83% of gig workers cite the importance of being paid immediately for performance when looking for a new gig. Providing instant payment also helps build trust and improves engagement. Workers that have instant access to earnings will work harder and more frequently than those that don’t.

A survey from Mastercard found that 85% of gig workers would work more often if they were paid faster. Speedy payments are so critical, in fact, that many workers in the survey also said they would pay a fee to receive on-demand earnings.
The nature of work is evolving, and today workers have new expectations when seeking employment. For independent contractors, an instant payment at the end of a gig or sale is the natural conclusion to the job. It completes the transaction and creates a better experience — strengthening recruitment, retention, and engagement.

Leveraging a digital mass payment platform the delivers payouts instantly provides the competative edge to attract talent. PayQuicker’s advanced technology intelligently determines the fastest route to send payouts, giving recipients faster access to their funds while strengthening retention and loyalty. Businesses can make mass payouts as often as they like to meet their needs – daily, weekly, monthly, or even hourly.


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