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PayQuicker partners and service providers are giants in the global foundation of networks, processors, banks, card fulfillment houses, development companies, management software companies, experts, and influencers.

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PayQuicker partners and service providers are giants in the global foundation of networks, processors, banks, card fulfillment houses, development companies, management software companies, experts, and influencers.

Together, we revolutionized the payout industry, providing a faster and safer alternative to a traditional wallet commingled funds model. We now power global enterprise businesses across a variety of industries that are taking advantage of faster payouts and the growth it brings.

Banking Partners

PayQuicker offers secure bank-to-bank transactions paid in local currency. Our global networks, processors, and banking partners provide our clients secure payouts to insured accounts globally.

Our platform service providers are the biggest and best at what they do. They help power the ”quick” in PayQuicker. Nothing’s faster.

Referral Partners

PayQuicker referral partners are experts in their industries and need the best solutions for their clients. They recognize PayQuicker as a center of excellence and have chosen PayQuicker as their payment platform solution.

  • Consultants and influencers
  • Enterprise resource systems
  • Backoffice software providers
  • Technology platforms
  • Customers

Our partners understand the unique value and benefits of PayQuicker:

  • PayQuicker is established and has been serving our global payout clients since 2007.
  • We are partnered with some of the largest, most respected companies in the global banking industry.  
  • Clients automate the payment process with easy API integration or batch file upload.
  • Management software providers and technology platform partners integrate their software to the powerful PayQuicker API Gateway once and provide our full suite of features and benefits to their clients.
  • We offer guaranteed SLAs and uptime performance.

Why PayQuicker?

Our program partners choose PayQuicker for our easy-to-use, value-added features.

Instant Payouts

Funds are instantly available in payee’s account in local currency to spend with virtual cards, prepaid debit cards, and can be loaded to mobile wallet – Apple Pay or Google Pay, where available.

Global Payout Network

Paying cross-border in local currency is perfect for corporations that require mass payments to a global network of suppliers and distributors. The PayQuicker platform pays in 214+ countries with our singlepoint, multicurrency payment gateway.

True Banking Platform

Unlike wallets, PayQuicker offers bank to bank security and payee-owned accounts — no commingled funds. We are a full program manager that handles payee onboarding, account support, and maintenance. Clients no longer need to manage bank information, escheatment, missing or return checks, and other headaches.

Complete Branding Solution

PayQuicker provides a branded account portal, mobile app, white-label debit card, and payee communications that promote awareness, retention, and recruitment. Our fully customizable branded experience becomes our client’s competitive advantage.

Complete Security & Compliance

Our globally compliant secure system, including full KYC, PCI level 1, SOC 1 Type II, and GDPR compliance, protects clients and account holders, and eliminates the risk of fraud. We handle the liability well beyond regulation requirements so that clients don’t have to.

Full System Reporting

Our built-in system for data reporting on all platform activities provides KPI measures and metrics through client-branded admin portal or API integration.

Multilingual Support

We offer comprehensive multilingual support in 18 languages for account holders around the globe. Our highly trained support team is ready to assist by phone, live chat, or email to ensure all inquiries are acknowledged and resolved.

Tax Services

We offer optional tax services for streamlined administration including automated W9, W8BEN, T4, and 1099 processing with regulatory data for corporate forms and email delivery of 1099, saving clients time and money.


Payees can select their PayQuicker account at checkout to purchase more company products, reducing chargebacks and saving on merchant processing fees.

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