PayQuicker Again Ranked #1 Commission Payment Company

PayQuicker has once again been ranked #1 Commission Payment Company by Social Selling News for the third consecutive year!

In the May issue of The RANKS featuring commission payment companies, PayQuicker was ranked in the leading position amongst its competitors with the highest number of direct selling clients.

“Each month, The RANKS spotlights companies, people or trends that are important to the direct selling channel. This month, The Ranks lists commission payment companies that work specifically in the direct selling realm, ranked by number of clients invoiced in the last 12 months.” – Social Selling News

“PayQuicker revolutionizes commission payouts for direct selling organizations, including the Global Top 100. Our clients modernize from ACH and paper checks to robust branded digital wallets, virtual cards, instant payouts, and instant spend options. The tremendous shift in payment expectations in today’s fast-paced digital world means keeping our clients’ sales force satisfied. Thank you to Social Selling news for recognizing PayQuicker as the #1 commission payment company!”

Paul Beldham, CEO, PayQuicker

PayQuicker’s leading global payout platform enables fast growing direct sales companies to grow even faster by providing their representatives with instant commissions and purchasing power – immediately funding more spending activity.

The PayQuicker solution supports payouts as frequently as desired – even hourly! Getting commissions to representatives faster helps them build their business, increases retention, and incentivizes new distributors to join.


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