Workforce Payment Expectations in Today’s Digital Age

In today’s growing U.S. gig economy, Millennials and Gen Z make up the largest generational segments and the desire for flexibility and freedom is on the rise. This has contributed to a tremendous shift in payment expectations in the direct selling industry where distributors and gig workers can be choosy. Keeping the field happy and satisfied has become more crucial than ever.

The direct selling workforce has increased expectations for ease, flexibility, and – most importantly – speed of receiving payments. The most successful direct sales companies have evolved from traditional ACH payments to robust solutions that offer instant payouts and flexible spend options.

Direct selling companies are investing in solutions that payout in real time with flexible spend options and are fostering a workforce who is excited and eager to make sales, increasing participation, retention, and loyalty.

The ideal payout platform that meets the payment expectations of today’s workforce should offer the following features:

  • Offers payouts as frequently as desired in real time and with no hassles
  • Easy API integration is a platform requirement and allows businesses to process payouts seamlessly and in seconds.
  • Payout providers that offer custom, white-label solutions help their clients to promote their brand with branded debit cards, user interfaces, and marketing communications.
  • A platform that is secure and globally compliant protects the funds and data of businesses and their distributors.
  • Innovative payout platforms must provide solutions that align with evolving fintech trends and market demands, such as offering the latest in digital products, virtual cards, and contactless payments with mobile wallets.

When direct selling organizations partner with payout providers that deliver on these promises and benefits, their payout plan becomes their competitive advantage.

Crystal Holtzendorff is the Director of Global Sales & Sales Operations at PayQuicker, a global payout provider that offers instant payment solutions for direct sales companies of all sizes.

Crystal is based in Salt Lake City, Utah and has nearly 20 years of customer service, sales, operations and management experience. Her experience covers small startups to large corporations across several industry sectors, primarily serving the direct selling industry with international logistics and financial technology.


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