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PayQuicker, an innovative fintech company, launched its revolutionary payout platform in 2007, allowing businesses of any size to offer secure and compliant instant global payouts in local currency via secured bank accounts with prepaid debit cards, virtual cards, and mobile wallets all through a single point of integration.

The idea of PayQuicker began when founder and CEO, Paul Beldham, saw many drawbacks for clients and their payees with new e-wallet payout solutions. Wallets were not providing payees with their actual funds at the time of payment nor providing instant use of the funds at all. They were holding payments in a commingled account to make money on float. It took payees time and effort to move money to their card. Once money was put on the card, if they lost the card – the money was gone. Beldham knew clients and payees were not happy with this solution.

The PayQuicker team quickly set out to develop a secure instant payout platform that delivers payment to a payee-owned insured bank account linked to a debit card. As soon as the payment is made, the funds are available in the insured account and available to spend instantly online through a virtual card, at retail with a plastic prepaid debit card, or by loading the card to a mobile wallet like Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay. Instant payment. Instant spend. This solution made payees happy. Clients found that when they paid their sales force commissions as soon as they made a sale, the payees would be motivated to sell more, funding business growth. They also attracted and retained more of their commissioned sales force. This made clients even happier.

Fast-forward to today – PayQuicker partners with global banks, processors, and global card networks to provide a seamless global payment platform that allows businesses to make instant secure mass payouts in local currencies to secure payee accounts around the globe.

Our platform offers a low cost, fully customizable, client-branded portal and experience with advanced technology that becomes the client’s competitive advantage. For clients that have their own portal, PayQuicker offers the same advanced global payment gateway that can be white-labeled and integrates directly with our client’s portal powering it with all the PayQuicker best-in-class features and benefits.  

Our benefits power clients to make payouts to distributors, consultants, affiliates, vendors, gig workers, contractors, and others across the globe and become a competitive advantage. Nothing’s faster.

Our Vision is Happy Payees

PayQuicker has a shared vision with each of our clients – happy payees. We strive for continuous improvement motivated by client and payee feedback. Our PayQuicker mission is to provide our clients with the most advanced global payout solution that results in happy payees who, in turn, drive our clients’ business growth with every login, payout, purchase, or swipe. Our platform delivers on all mission-critical requirements to deliver choice, speed, and security. Through one easy integration our clients can offer their payees a choice of instant payment types (virtual, instant issue, prepaid debit cards) and instant spend (online, POS, ATM). Nothing’s faster. 

Our PayQuicker promise is to provide a complete payout platform solution that is simple, reliable, cost-effective, secure, compliant, and fast. 

Paul Beldham
Paul Beldham
President & Chief Executive Officer of PayQuicker
“We never lose sight of the fact that we are only as good as our customers perceive us to be. This motivates us to do more than we are asked to do. We know our success is solely reliant on our customer’s happiness. “

Our Leadership

The PayQuicker leadership team has decades of combined experience in finance, technology, and business growth.

Paul Beldham

Paul Beldham

President & Chief Executive Officer
Joe Bertalli, Chief Financial Officer

Joe Bertalli

Chief Financial Officer & Treasurer
James Legan, Chief Technology Officer

James Legan

Chief Technology Officer
Karen Dworaczyk, Chief Revenue Officer

Karen Dworaczyk

Chief Revenue Officer
Kevin Zeman, VP of Operations

Kevin Zeman

VP of Operations
David Jarmusz, BSA/AML Compliance Officer/HR Manager

David Jarmusz

Chief Compliance Officer
Rob Vanden, VP of Global Sales

Rob Vanden Broecke

VP of Global Sales
Greg Fruin, Director of Engineering

Greg Fruin

Director of Engineering
Steve Manetta, Client Relations Manager

Steve Manetta

Client Relations Manager
Nate Snow-Cornelius

Nate Snow-Cornelius

Global Sales Manager
Crystal Holtzendorff, Director of Sales Operations

Crystal Holtzendorff

VP of Global Sales
Rida Waqas, Director of Marketing

Rida Waqas

Director of Marketing
Paul Hamilton

Paul Hamilton

Client Relations Manager
Terrainna Smith, Senior Accountant

Terrainna Smith

Senior Accountant
Chidi Dimgba

Chidi Dimgba

Director of Project Management / PMO
Brandon Dudek

Brandon Dudek

Director of Quality Assurance
Nicole Kessler, Onboarding Specialist

Nicole Kessler

Client Relations Manager
Iryna Kaznovska

Iryna Kaznovska

BSA/AML Compliance Officer
Sabrina Brongo

Sabrina Brongo

Client Onboarding Specialist
Joshuah Page

Joshuah Page

Client Onboarding Specialist

Client Use Cases

From global enterprise clients to emerging startups…

Our clients from across the globe leverage the PayQuicker platform to power and scale their business.

PayQuicker has universal solutions that benefit a wide variety of industries requiring mass payouts to their participants.

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We are always looking for talent to better serve our clients and payees. Join us and help create and deliver solutions that power payouts across the globe.