For Developers

Whether you’re a startup or a global enterprise corporation, we have the resources you need to seamlessly integrate with PayQuicker and start making instant global payouts. It’s simple to get up and running with PayQuicker. We provide all the resources your developers need to start integrating our APIs into your applications.

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Easy Batch or API Integration

We support batch file upload and full API integration to your back office or integrated wallet solution.

Our API Gateway supports platform-to-platform integration and provides seamless enablement of payouts and flexible spend options using your UX or our branded portal solutions.

Your development team is provided with direct contact and complete support with resources at each step, so you can be up and running on the PayQuicker platform with ease and flexibility.

Our robust APIs allow any business to deploy a custom payout and flexible spending solution all through a single point of integration. We provide expertise for B2B and B2C fintech solutions with full program management in a wide range of market and industry segments.

API Gateway

Integrated gateway partners benefit from our robust features and functionality.

Our flexible API Gateway supports any business need. Streamline real-time payouts for suppliers, employees, consumers, commercial purchasing, funding cards, rebates, reimbursements, and alternative banking solutions.    

  • Implement easy API integration with current systems
  • Single-point integration for global issuance and payments
  • In-country, cross-border, and local currency capabilities
  • Deploy flexible payout solutions with physical cards, virtual cards, and mobile wallets
  • Customized turnkey integrated platform for commercial and consumer applications

PayQuicker provides a RESTful API that allows authorized clients to send invitations, send payments, debit users accounts for spendback, retrieve user account balance, retrieve users reports, and retrieve transactions reports.

Your development team has all the resources it needs to integrate with our API Gateway.

Full Program Management

PayQuicker full program management capabilities satisfy all aspects of your payout program:

  • End-to-end fully customizable program and product development
  • Consumer and commercial issuance and payouts
  • Full-service IT and network integration
  • Dynamic messaging integration
  • Live agent customer service and IVR
  • Regulatory compliance and fraud liability
  • Card inventory and on-demand fulfillment
  • Branded plastic, virtual and tokenized cards
Start integrating instant cross-border payouts directly into any of your applications.

Why PayQuicker?

Our easy-to-use, easy-to-love customizable features become our client’s competitive advantage.

Reduce cost with seamless cross-border payouts made in local currency.

PayQuicker empowers businesses to payout as frequently as desired at no charge per transaction.

Each payee is issued an individual insured bank account and branded debit card, allowing payments in local currency, bank transfers, and multiple spend options.

Efficiently verify identity and onboard payees with end-to-end secure business accounts, shifting the burden for KYC, security, and compliance to our team of experts.

Reduce staffing requirements for handling payment questions and inquires with our dedicated support via phone, live chat, and email.

Reduce data breaches, money laundering, fraud, and other business risks with our comprehensive 24/7 oversight.